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Meet Alberto Luzzi

Alberto Luzzi is a great source of inspiration for thousands individuals who are striving to realize their greatest potential. As entrepreneur, philantropist and founder of Beyond Measure, Alberto has compiled a collective understanding of his experiences worldwide building strong local ties, successful businesses, and unbreakable relationships that link North America, Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean.

Highlighting the importance of believing in self, his life story and innovative coaching are an open invitation for a conscious attempt at unleashing human potential and recognizing the ability to thrive and live wholeheartedly.

His personal asset stems from his ability to empathize with a great variety of people worldwide, guiding everyone to rediscover their inner-self. He takes pride in praising the virtuous qualities of people who take a stand for what they believe in by facing their fears and protecting their dreams no matter what!

And believes that these brave individuals send loud messages of hope, and that such acts of defining character inspire and improve the lives of everyone around... Continue here

A humanitarian by faith and philanthropist by nature, Alberto’s dynamic personality has fuelled the volunteering efforts aimed at Nepalese recovery from the recent catastrophic earthquake that left millions stranded in April 2015... Continue here

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Powerful Beyond Measure with Alberto Luzzi
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