Powerful Beyond Measure Seminar

Powerful Beyond Measure with Alberto Luzzi
“The time for you is NOW!” Live authentically, true to your own spirit! Learn how to master your energy, direct your focus, and use your physiology to transform your psychology! The highest achievers are celebrated in public for accomplishments that have taken them years to accomplish in private. In this seminar you will learn what they do and how they do it. Redefine what’s possible in your business, in your career, in your relationships, in your community, in what matters most to you. What is keeping you from realizing your full potential? Do you know which of your beliefs limit your growth and happiness? Learn how to use powerful resources that you already possess. Bring them to a deeper, richer, and lasting level. It is your life! This seminar can be your chance, the push to help you take off to live with all your potential. The push to get the power to live your own life on your own terms. About the trainer: Alberto Luzzi is a Certified Life Coach and a motivational speaker from Rome, Italy, that will lead the seminar through powerful therapy in an amazing atmosphere of self-discovery that vibes with an overwhelming energy to help all the participants to learn how to take the driver’s seat in their life. Alberto’s innovative and powerful mentoring will help improving your personality, connect with your passions, discover new possibilities, and become who you are meant to be. You will unleash your own power to take responsibility and move your life forward to the next step. Powerful Beyond Measure
 3 DAYS THAT CAN TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. • The power of the mind. The mind is powerful. Whatever we focus on will become important and real to us and expand in our lives. Are we in control of our minds? From the moment of birth, our brains have been programmed by various factors. In the seminar you will learn to observe your habits, and then go on to understand why you do what you do. After that, you can learn how to reprogram your brain to support your own goals, not just the goals you were given by others. You will discover the power of communication, your intuitive potential, and your deep-focus abilities. 2) Understand human needs. What human needs are the most important to you? The need of certainty, the need to go beyond routine and habit and experience new things; the need for love, connection and affection; the need to feel worthy of attention and importance; the need to grow physically, mentally and spiritually; the need to contribute to others’ wellbeing and happiness. You will become aware that your life is built on your inner human needs. And you will learn that you are free to decide which needs will better help your life to flow in your wished direction. 3) Process your fears. 
We all were born with fears and there are hundreds of different fears. Fear of failure; fear of not having control of our lives; fear of being judged negatively by others; fear of reliving past mistakes; fear of being rejected and being left alone. Whatever point you are at, in this moment of life, you have fears and limiting beliefs that prevent further growth. Once fears are acknowledged and faced, you can see more clearly and freely the life you dream of. Accepting fear as a component of life, and a challenge, you will learn that is possible to use your fears to reach your goals, instead of allowing fear to control you. 4) Find your inner-strength. You have a great and unknown force within you. Learn how to use it when you deal with your life situations, whether they are practical problems, a wrong state of mind or a great opportunity that calls for an immediate decision. Alberto can help you, sharing his own experience of channeling inner-strength, to envision solutions and make better decisions. 5) Change your body. Everybody seems to acknowledge the influence of the mind on our physical body. But the process is always thought in this order: from the mind to the body. Do we know enough about how much the body, and our physiology pattern, can influence our minds? Learn the incredible possibilities that we can have to revert the order whenever we need: by changing our physiology we can influence our minds to switch our emotional state in the way we want. 5) Connect with your passions. What are you passionate about? But really, what are you passionate about! It seems easy to say “I know what I like”. But think wisely, if you would be asked to choose two things that you like the most, you are going to be in doubt. Discovering our free inner desires is a process and a lot of work. Drafting your own “wheel of life” will help you picture where you are today versus where you would like to be. Alberto will offer you tools that help you to close the gap. 6) Priming for success. There are people who spent 30 years of their life to succeed in their field. Modeling and learning from those who have already achieved will save you a lot of time and get you to your destination, whatever it may be. Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, and Albert Einstein have almost nothing in common, they are different people with very different stories. But they all found great results, pursuing their passion thanks to their dedication, their impeccable working methodologies, and clear life-direction. Constantly striving to make the best better, they never settled for less that they could be. And so should you. 7) The science of achievement. Before a victory there must be a decision: “I want to do this”. There must be a commitment: “I will do this”. And there must be a strategy: “I will learn what are the best actions to make it happen”. You will learn how to envision your goals, how to see them in your mind, and then how to align your actions in a process of continued evaluation and revaluation, until you succeed. Alberto will also teach you about the sense of NOW to defeat any procrastination, and encourage you to dare to win. 8) Your energy source. You need good health and vitality to reach your potential and enjoy a better life. Sourcing and sustaining adequate energy is vital to support your magnificent trip and experience on this earth. What goes into your body every day has a great impact for maintaining maximum health. Alberto will provide you with a better understanding of what a healthy lifestyle looks like and share with you some of his daily routines that will enhance the quality of your life. Powerful Beyond Measure Wherever you find yourself today, whatever your situation may be, there is always a chance to get to the next level in your life, and this seminar is your opportunity.
 You will go through a personal exploration and come out motivated and empowered. You’ll be ready to make your own decisions, and to transform your life into an extraordinary journey on this amazing planet. We look forward to share with you this amazing chance for positive transformation! Testimonials: “I am grateful that you are there to care about our success and help us discover new possibilities.” – Sapana Shrestha “Thanks for your magical approach Alberto! It truly changed my life.” – Anu Rai “Alberto helped me make realizations about who I was, so that I could set myself on the path to becoming who I want to be.” - Rikesh Mahat