Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • How can I contact the organizer with my questions?

    You can reach us by email:

  • What can I bring to a Beyond Measure Event?

    Writing materials, such as pens or notepads.

  • Is there a specific dress code?

    The dress code is casual.

  • Who can take part in the seminars?

    The seminars are open to the public - legal adults in exchange for a nominal fee. Part of the proceeds of the seminars are meant for charitable purposes on humanitarian grounds.

  • Why audience participation? Is that important?

    Simply listening to a motivational lecture is never enough, we want you to participate wholly and to be actively engaged in this life-altering experience. An exhilarating session of training each day of the program with renowned speaker Alberto Luzzi, active participation helps magnify the message and increase its efficacy. Aimed at improving quality of life and discovering inner-self, seminars conducted by Beyond Measure have assisted hundreds of people in taking charge of their lives, minimizing any negativity. All of this is due in large part to active audience participation!

  • Do you guarantee results from your life-coach mentoring program?

    Yes! At all times. Beyond Measure motivational and inspirational seminars follow a thorough principle, aimed at curbing timidness in the participants and further aiding them in control of their fears. In each session, you will learn a different technique. Extra work will then be given to incorporate the new techniques and reinforce what you have learned. The intriguing and engaging sessions presented by Alberto assists participants in defining clear life goals (both short and long term) as well as pursuing these goals with momentous energy and smart strategies, even in spite of the resistance encountered in daily life.

  • How long is each life-coach mentoring session?

    Life coach mentoring sessions usually last about few hours, but we ask that you allow for all the necessary time. We do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach, and we will not stop the session just because the time finishes. If we are in the middle of an important life transformation, we will take the time to complete the session even if that extends the overall time.

  • How exactly will this help me in life?

    In the outside world, people are usually able to spot the leaders of any particular community. They’re easily seen volunteering their time in schools, community organizations, and in various types of businesses. But can we also instinctively recognize the leader within ourselves? Do we dare to explore our inner-self and reveal our own potential? Whatever your heart beats for, this seminar will help you to get there! A basic principle of this program is to learn how to control your fears which will then turn into your growing self-confidence that will lead you to dare to go out of your safe zone and score unbelievable results! With Beyond Measure you’ll discover the amazing potential you were born with and the incredible possibilities around you that you have been unseen until now!

  • Is motivation enough?

    Motivation is important, but that alone won’t produce the results you wish for. Our avant-garde seminars will help you learn techniques that will build momentum and fast-forward you to achieving your ultimate goals. A good seminar must not only give you greater motivations but delivery you the right tools to use to get to your goals. The journey to anywhere starts with a belief and inspiration; mastering the science to achieve your goals will make real what you envision and bring you there. Our coaching seminars and mentoring helps you overcome difficulties that can distract you on a daily basis, whether they be wrong routines, wrong thoughts or limiting beliefs. Finally, our programs help you to emerge your inner desires, to accept them and believe that you can make them real, using your new strength, tools and abilities to focus your energies directly on your life goals. Regardless of the hardships that face you, you have the potential to rise above it all and live beyond measure!